Porus® One

Each box contains 30x 500mg sticks.
One stick of Porus® One is recommended for cats daily, to be given with their usual wet food or a portion of Add One® – the tasty Salmon treat.


★Update: Add One is due back in stock soon – current eta is 19th April ★


Porus® One is an innovative product for your cat’s kidneys.
Porus® One contains Renaltec®, a selective adsorber that targets the precursors of uraemic toxins in the gut. Renaltec® is composed of tiny, black spheres with diameters of 0,1 to 0,3 mm. Each sphere has a smooth surface, which is covered with numerous tiny pores. It’s very smooth surface ensures an effortless passage “rolling” through the gastrointestinal tract, without sticking to the mucus membrane or accumulating in the intestine.
The pore size is so small that only very small molecules can enter the sphere’s interior like uraemic toxins. Larger particles, like vitamins, cells or enzymes cannot enter.
Porus One® is completely scentless and tasteless, making it incredibly palatable to our feline friends.

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