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Thank you for your interest in Porus® One. Porus® One contains Renaltec®, a selective adsorber with a huge capacity to adsorb the precursors of uraemic toxins present in the cat’s intestine. Through this adsorption, these precursors are bound and excreted naturally with the faeces. Porus® One is orally administered and is not adsorbed or metabolised.

Left unbound, these precursors would be absorbed into the body and converted into substances such as indoxyl sulfate and para-cresyl sulfate. In the healthy animal these substances are excreted by the kidney, but in chronic renal failure the level of these urameic toxins increases.

The total quantity of precursors bound and subsequently excreted by Porus® One can‘t anymore be transformed into uraemic toxins like indoxyl sulfate and para-cresyl sulfate. Binding these precursors of uraemic toxins supports the kidney health.

Porus® One was developed by veterinarians and is manufactured in Germany. Porus® One is available for veterinarians  in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium and the UK.

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Uraemic toxins - why are they so important?

Uraemic toxins are frequently natural waste products, generated daily during natural protein metabolism. They are usually excreted via the urine.

There are a number of uraemic toxins. Most important are indoxyl sulfate and para-cresyl sulfate. Since indoxyl sulfate is generated by the essential amino acid tryptophan, it can´t be prevented by simple protein-reduction in food. Similarly, para-cresyl sulfate is generated by tyrosine and phenylalanine. Porus® One targets the binding of the precursors of those uraemic toxins already in the intestine and their excretion in the faeces.

Felines are carnivores and need a high portion of protein in their daily diet, so of course a cat’s metabolism and enzyme systems are adjusted to high protein digestion. If the protein supply discontinues for a significant period of time, self-digestion of muscle tissue may begin, which underlines the importance of adequate protein supply. However, with the decomposition of proteins and modification of amino acids by the gut flora, inevitably uraemic toxins are generated, and must be excreted via the cat’s urine. For example, the disintegration of tryptophan leads to the precursor indole, which is usually adsorbed in the intestine and transferred to the liver, where it is transformed into indoxyl sulfate. The indoxyl sulfate arrives at the kidneys via the blood and is excreted via the urine. Binding the precursors of uraemic toxins like indole and excreting them via the faeces supports the kidney’s health.

What’s Porus® One?

Porus® One is a real innovation for the kidney health of cats, it contains the a.i. Renaltec®, a physically-acting selective adsorber for precursors of uraemic toxins in the gut.

Renaltec® is composed of tiny, black, rigid spheres with diameters of 0,1 to 0,3 mm. The tiny spheres that have a smooth surface and a huge number of microscopic pores. These pores have a very small diameter, allowing just small molecules like the precursors uraemic toxins to enter, these precursors arrive through the pores into an intricate system of microchannels. These microchannels create an outstanding surface for adsorption. The precursors of the toxins, indole and p-cresol, are bound by a physical mode of action, and are subsequently excreted via the faeces.

The spheres of Porus® One are not absorbed, they are completely excreted with the faeces. Which is why Porus® One is well tolerated.

How does Porus® One act?

Porus® One is a selective, heavy-duty adsorber capturing the precursors of uraemic toxins in the intestine, therefore preventing their conversion to uraemic toxins. Binding these precursors of uraemic toxins supports kidney health.

Porus® One does not accumulate in the body.

The tiny spheres show on their surface a huge number of specifically-designed pores. Their size allows precursors of uraemic toxins like indole and p-cresol to enter the inside of the sphere and to be bound there.

Inside the sphere, the precursors of uraemic toxins are bound by their electrical charge finding an opposite charge in the interior of the sphere. The surface area available for adsorption of a daily dose of Porus® One corresponds roughly to that of of three tennis courts!

TIPP: The electrical charge of the Renaltec® spheres is a key determinant of their activity!

Porus® One, with its load of precursors of uraemic toxins, is completely excreted in the feces. It is neither metabolized nor adsorbed and therefore does not burden the cat`s metabolism.

Porus® One does not accumulate in the body.

Graphical image representing Porus One, which is binding the precursors of uraemic toxins in the intestine
Graphical image representing Porus One, which is binding the precursors of uraemic toxins in the intestine

Renaltec® spheres attract precursors of uraemic toxins, which pass through the pores to the sphere‘s interior. Large molecules such as vitamins cannot penetrate.

Renaltec® spheres shown in a side-cut. Only small molecules – like the precursors of uraemic toxins – can enter the inside of the spheres via their pores. They are bound there by their electrical charge.

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Easy to administer

Porus® One is given to your cat, through a daily dose of 500 mg. Just empty the contents of one stick over the standard wet diet or any kind of specific diet your cat likes and mix it in the wet food. Owners whose cats have an exclusively dry food diet, must mix Porus® One in a small quantity (tea spoon) of moist food or cat paste like Add One® before giving your cat their normal dry feed.

Porus® One has no smell or taste making it very well tolerated.

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